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Christopher Horan

Christopher Horan

Broker & Developer
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Figure it out.

“At the ripe old age of 19 my dad gave me a great deal of responsibility. He entrusted me with managing a 49-unit resort on the Cape about which I knew practically nothing.

One day, while helping a family of five check into their room, he asks me: ‘When was the last time you looked at the oil on the Suburban?’ I told him I had no idea. He then grabbed the keys, makes an about face and marches outside like a man on a mission.  He returns a few minutes later, dipstick in hand… it was dry as a bone of course. Without hesitation, he plows past the small gathering, drops the dried stick on my desk and verbally pastes me like a marine drill sergeant. That was one of the best days of my life.”

Chris Horan still tells that and many other stories of life lessons from his dad. Unorthodox? Tough?  Rough? Maybe. But the way Chris sees it today, his father taught him about responsibility and how to think on his own. As Chris will tell you, his dad’s favorite saying was “Figure it out.”

Twenty years later, with two degrees from Boston college, a couple of very bright and creative kids, a wife he calls the “smartest person he ever met” and a long list of satisfied William Raveis customers, Chris Horan is putting many of those “life lessons” to work for them all.

Chris’ experience as a Builder, Broker, Entrepreneur and Developer throughout the greater Newburyport area sets him apart. His “hands on” experience in construction creates immediate trust with clients.  His education and business skills inspire confidence. And his down-to-earth and easy-going manner make him a pleasure to be around.

Finding a home is one thing.  Finding the right home is quite another.  And putting that puzzle together can be a lot of hard work.  At William Raveis we have a Broker who can help you “Figure it out.”  Chris Horan.  You’ll find his contact information below.

Chris Horan, Broker & Developer

c: 617.642.6510 | o: 978.462.0500