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A well trained eye.

Ask ten brokers about their backgrounds prior to coming to real estate and you’ll usually get ten different answers. But among more successful brokers there seems to be two consistent attributes they share – an ability to visualize the potential of a property, and an intuitive sense of what a customer is looking for.

Peter Marengi began to apply his well-honed visualization skills long before he came to Newburyport and Raveis. He spent more than twenty years leading the sales and marketing efforts of some of the most distinguished organizations in the hotel industry. That experience was invaluable in understanding how people responded to space, color, proportions and value.

While in the New York area Peter quickly turned his hotel experience to finding properties with potential and transforming them into the kind of places people wanted to call home.

Returning to his roots on the North Shore, Peter made the decision to continue his real estate career and make Newburyport his home. Many satisfied buyers and sellers are glad he did. Peter’s sense of what a property can be, along with a keen sense of what a customer is looking for, have made him one of the area’s top producers.

From impeccable staging of properties that “wow” buyers to thoughtfully considered pricing strategies that make the sale, Peter Marengi has found the formula for success.